Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olive Circle WIPs

Remember my olive green circle reverse applique pillow? Well, I made some matchy stuff. Okay, to be honest, they are not yet "made", I am in the midst of these projects.

First off, there is a headband. Headband attachment might be more appropriate. I love all the headbands out there with all the fun foofy stuff attached. The only problem is where they are the band. So few tend to fall on the right spot for my head. So I came up with these...

The band slips through the underside of the piece so you can slide it to where you want it to lay. The velvet ribbon is nice because it "sticks" to the hair pretty well. I used them on some elastic hairbands in the past & they stayed in place nicely.

A table runner was in my head since I first cut the pillow. There happened to be a perfect strip left after that initial cut :) I am not quite sure what I am going to put on the underside though. Maybe red and have it wrap around the edges to peek over onto the top.

And lastly, a potholder. All I need to do to finish this off is the trim.

I can't decide what color to go with. I am thinking it would be best to wait until I decide on the runner's trim and match it. I would use the green, but there is not enough left for strips. All I have are a bunch of circles from the applique cut outs. Hmmm...what to do with them?


Anonymous said...

Love the headband idea. I too have bad luck with those, hopefully that will help!

storybeader said...

what about a design fabric, with red or black as the major color. Then it could be reversible! Love the circles! {:-D

Duni said...

Your headband solution rocks! I also find that some of the bows/flowers etc. are attached too low on the band.