Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ocean Blue Stripey Pillows

I made two of these pillows last week using the leftover strips from my drapes. I love the shade of blue for the pillows. I may need to trim down the size just a scooch though. Or not. I suppose it depends on whether or not people prefer tight fitting or loose pillow covers. Well? Opinion anyone? Thanks :)

And this is the backside. I kept with the coordinating cover piece that snaps the overlap. The other pillow has a slightly smaller piece with only 2 strips.

You can see a the window behind the sewing machine that I took the idea from.

Given that the strips had raw edges, I thought I should toss them in the wash to make sure everything held together. I knew I ran the risk of destruction, but I did not want to risk destruction happening to someone who buys it :P I still need to trim the edges, but they turned out great. Well, I like them. But then again, I love the raw edge look.

This is a close up of the rawness. The color is off, but the edges show very well.

So now the question is to pre-wash or not to pre-wash. Perhaps I will not pre-wash and just use these pillows as examples of what the pillow would look like post-wash. And let people decide from there what they want. Depending on how the pillows would be used, they may go ages without a washing, especially if they were more for show than actual use. How often do you have to wash your throw pillows?

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