Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zip Pouch-A-Palooza

Feels like a Palooza anyway. They may not be the most fun to make, but they are whipoutable. I am not thrilled with the seams on the teeny ones, but they look no different than those I have seen in stores. Well, not all of them. I know I could do the seam hidden & just turn them right side out, but they are too tiny for me to do so comfortably. They'll be bonus pieces for the backpacks.

The fold over pouches, well, the black one will stay with me. The corners got all wingy...and I did not have black elastic at the time for the loopy part. But it's still workable :)

Next up on the to-do: large giraffe print bag and pillows or coasters...can't decide which.

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