Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Batik Dress

Let me start by telling you how glad I am that I am able to blog this. Why you ask? Well, my last computer went fizzle fizzle clunk clunk crunch. I have found that they operate much smoother with a workable hard drive. Imagine that.

On to the dress.
This was another model garment for work. I am beginning to love these :)

These shots were taken at work after it was placed front & center...such a thrill to see it there when I got to work :)

It may not be easy to spot at first, but the print has a border. It is easier to see from the backside. The background "stripes" diminish until all you have are the flowers.

Pardon the fuzzy pic. At least it fits :) Me that is, not the mannequin. It only fits her thanks to the wonder of pins. Wouldn't mind if it fit me this tiny. It'd cost less fabric wise :P


papel1 said...

I love the dress. the lovely shades of blue. Thanks for running my ad on entrecard.
Judy's Postcards Plus

Pink said...

That's a great piece, very retro!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I would wear this ;)