Friday, November 4, 2011

Drawing Room Skirt

Drawing Room...that's the name of this fabric by Ann Marie Horner...not where you wear the skirt. Although, I suppose you could. Personally, I wear it to work :)

Please excuse the fit of the skirt on the dress form. I can't seem to get the hip area smooth...and smaller. Something went sproing and no longer twists. Bummer.

In case you are wondering, I used the New look 6030 pattern, minus any pockets and belt loops. I never wear belts. They only accent the width...yick :P

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storybeader said...

hi theresa! miss seeing you around. I like this skirt better than the one above - I'm short and sure the big band would look funny on me! Got my instructional pamphlet so I can thread me sewing machine. Paper, here I come! {:-Deb