Friday, February 26, 2010

Three More Down

I think I am finding my groove. It is helping that my youngest is currently addicted to Lego Star Wars on our Playstation. He looks so cute walking around the room - woots to wireless controllers!- mimicking the movements of the players. It is amazing how well a 4 year old can play. Although, he does stop every few minutes to go build actual Legos....quirky kid - gotta love him!

Anyway, he has been a little less "Mommy do this" these past couple days and so - viola - backpacks! I have another half done. That only leaves 3 to go! I am aiming for a finish by the end of the weekend. In my mind I will also have time to get the photos done too. Too bad the world and my mind do not tend to mesh as well as I would like.

So for now, here's the next three...two of which have straps other than the usual nylon:


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Yay...Glad to hear your little man is letting you get some work done :)

Love the new straps!

storybeader said...

WooHoo!! that's great! And I love your new blog background. So cheery and light! How'd you do the banner? Real cute! {:-D

Duni said...

I think your backpacks are great! I really like the last one, especially the matching cord :)