Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Son Has Picked Up My Slack

I have not been active on the creative ends of things. I have been creative in directing others. Redoing a house can do that. Our kitchen cabinets are now in, our old floors are in the midst of being yanked out and the walls will be fixed and painted before the new pretty floors go in. And since it is the whole main level...and it is a bungalow...I have no more sew space at the moment.

Good thing my son has been duct taping things again so I have something to show off. I have shown his jacket - which is now sleeveless - his pants, his belt, his hat and his flowers. Now - shoes.

Yes, shoes. He took apart his old Converse for the template.

It even has his own logo...

And for the whole duct tape look....